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Don’t forget Ferguson.

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First Nation teen, 15, missing, Manitoba RCMP say

Ste. Rose du Lac RCMP are looking for a 15-year-old girl from a Manitoba First Nation who has been missing for more than two weeks.
Fifteen-year-old Nora Leah Rae left her home at Crane River First Nation to visit family in Winnipeg.
A missing persons report was filed Aug. 6, RCMP said.
Family members said the last time they heard from her was Aug. 20 through social media.
Rae has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is five-feet-three-inches tall and around 130 pounds.
Sainte Rose du Lac RCMP are asking members of the public contact them with any information about Rae at 204-447-3082 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

This is happening far too much. jfc.
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A mother cannot die
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Pink Tree | (by Chanarthip Siriviriyapoon)

Cologne Cathedral, Germany
Any Black female who lives in Oakland


Do not go to the liquor store on 90th and MacArthur, around 10-14 Black men will be standing out there with vans and they will try to snatch you up, the Arab dudes who own the liquor store are in on it do not go there during the night, if it wasn’t for my boyfriend being with me last night they would have got me #staywoke

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I need your help! My brother (a 10year military veteran who came out in January) is missing as of Thursday evening in Brooklyn. Left all belongings including phone, ID, CCs, money.Take a look at the picture. Forward to your networks. Keep an eye out. 

If you are in/near the Brooklyn area, please keep an eye out for my Soror’s brother!